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The Swashbuckling Adventures of Captain Kitty Vol. 1

By Tal Renfro


Hard cover 132 pages, full color, full rhymes.

In his seventh of nine lives, the legendary pirate Captain Kitty is recruited for a dangerous mission: to steal back King Gorilla’s treasure from the scruffiest scoundrel of the seven seas, Old Dirt Dog. Along for the journey is Kitty’s loyal crew of colorful rogues, a new recruit with something to prove and a stowaway with an attitude. Heists, fights, high seas adventure, hilarious high jinks and cut throat danger await at every turn of the page… and it all rhymes!!



  1. Ken Wyatt

    Hey Tal,

    Loved the Comic, my son and I finished it tonight and I just want to know when can we see more? Each night we would read a little before bed and it was followed by a thousand questions. “so, what happens next?

    Ken W.

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